Innovative approaches
to matters of consequence.

The lawyers of Turner O'Connor Kozlowski
take pride in a half century of dignity,
care and dedication to our clients.

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We have extensive experience representing clients in the areas of criminal defense, professional licensing, commercial litigation, and health care law. Located in Gainesville and serving all of north central Florida, Larry Turner, Peg O’Connor, and Ron Kozlowski have created a team approach to defense representation. Based on a model created by Mr. Turner—during a distinguished career as a defense lawyer and judge—our attorneys work together to develop innovative strategies in our clients’ best interests.

Commitment to Our Clients

Each client at the firm is treated with the dignity, care, and dedication that is expected and required of a law firm. Limiting our caseload maximizes our success, because the rights of the accused are too important to lose in the shuffle or leave to chance. We know the old way is not always the best way, and the easy way rarely succeeds.

Located to Serve


Our central location in Gainesville allows us to effectively represent clients throughout Florida in cases ranging from serious criminal offenses and college student transgressions to professional and educational disputes.Proximity to some of the top university and law school talent in the nation affords us access to innovative theories, unparalleled research, and renowned experts.

At Turner O'Connor Kozlowski, our resources and dedication make client care our top priority.